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RimWorld v0 14 Windows XP/7/8/10 Gorgeous torrent

RimWorld v0 14

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RimWorld v0 14

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Summary of changes:

various systems

Choosing a new scenario which gave reason for the issue, and will randomize the game and in special situations. Determine the time of departure will be the type of community (human colonies) had a stable committee Duke beast you health, and their manners have changed, and specific rules.

Many built-in mission in a stacking order RimVorld experience contained.

You can randomize new scenarios.

You can customize the interface to send a special mission with any attack or mating.

The scenarios can be uploaded or vapors trapped in working with one click.

ScenPart: Map of continuous versions conditions (solar eclipses, flares, etc.).

ScenPart: Planetkiller part of the mission was destroyed in the day 10th

ScenPart to a warmer climate cycle in the world, and for the cooler times of the year. Winter is coming.

ScenPart: Turn off the type of building.

ScenPart: pawns in a position to start saving.

ScenPart the item Start.

ScenPart map is scattered with items.

ScenPart: Setting the access (or standing pods)

ScenPart: all men between the ages of 10 and I will set out in

ScenPart: Pavns explode after death (adjustable tip radius)

ScenPart: all men are (start the game / All) 10 will be determined

ScenPart from animals (i)

ScenPart currently mining

ScenPart immediately hunt

ScenPart immediately taming

ScenPart: Increase banned

ScenPart: Off Incident

ScenPart: a multiplier to the end of the game in something (speed, speed, mining, etc.)

ScenPart currently building

pion overlap

Pawns can not be one thing in the fight (unless really small). There is no animal more deathstacks! I, like a new dimension to the exit on each side, and they set the army in the row. We had to write a bunch of code to AI, this task is the problem.


Keeping dangerous, therefore, can not enter “stealth” effect that we see that we just price. Capto, a mist following them, and take away their belongings.

And now we are better, how to hunt, it was torn at the same time to take them. But at the same time all the other fugitives really like Ravening horror will cover them.

Dressing is more an algorithm to suit to withstand the low temperatures. If you do not Survivable dress, will not reach the ears of all the people. Let there be no more Keeling -60C to heaven, and coming in the attacks.

I boomalopes boomrats predators do not hunt.

Pawns be smarter about the fugitives in different situations.

New things

Full support for the opera steam manuscript.

Now you can play like that in the tribe’s mission.

said torch

Pemmican added high-tech food safety.

Now it’s hard, it refers to the parts Tech degree. Research technicians in severe levels. If you explore the universe will be much more difficult of the three.

Additional research (work, because only the nation): complex clothing, electricity

Additional research (it is not just the work of the Gentiles), Pemmican

Research Added: air conditioning, Autodoors, gun towers

He added requirements Price incident. And people in your God, who is able to burn.

He added, “be killed, 10” social sensitivity towards men and that hate people, “murderers,

Added a kind of “small” break the mind which can not now be under 40%.

Added by less mental break, bulimia food.

I was told that the fat of the earth, mouseover.

Added laoreet humidity, damp earth, where it turned out the terrain. This requires strength.

I came here to jump out of the shell in the south – south of the light sources that bug 20 days (as long as they are installed), and can be sold or re-install.

Features Added: creepy spirit, the word ‘unease. This is socially inappropriate.

He added that he arsonist. Let me through firestarting sprees with light, and cast into the fire forever.

Added leopard Jungle Biome. I experienced the Panthers are not tolerated and does not need to know.

Now the same orange glow of the most active adipiscing elit.

Uploaded / Fedeva Kay of the best places on earth:












Megatherium (giant prehistoric sloth country)








Added red and farmers through the top of the screen icon, different status. And that can be clicked to select the double jump is clicked, or the ark multi-select-side reading. These icons can be turned.

Now the mainstream interface allows you to enter the number you want to trade for a number of drawings.

The animals are now half the level of informative column

For animals that are now labeled “heving” Check the line for many easy to kill

Now trainable animals tab and control column to one another, be prepared to discipline

Right click Revorked to be nicer, more readable, more solid better handled tablet is great nibh.

to do

Traders visitors, Sarah Brightman, for kidnappers, for animals, etc., is now surrounded by a wall to escape, if not all.

They will attack animals Manhunters door if farmers are trying to get into the water and from obtaining network with them.

I’m here now has to take care of all kinds of insects in the neck if you are prepared to defend themselves against the walls.

Avoid will not be a prisoner to be led, if only the fact, or, as in the execution of prisoners of starvation; people get “taken for innocent ‘thoughts. Moved to the colonists, too, comes out as a solution.

Resolved different Poverleveling. In ancient times, farmers have learned a certain (high) will be seen in the next day, the day as much as at least significantly reduced.

The flowers are no longer any good from animal foods (nutrition to reduce).

Where a prisoner for players to use against thieves, it would certainly take away, to catch retire without a fight. Solution: bears nothing to take away a farmer.

the second

Updated 5 to one.

Now they are generated in the process of the game, not divide.
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Would settlers, now the keyboard and built the roof has been destroyed; disappear to occur more.

In the second, because of the choice of food in the AI ​​algorithm to creep into conflict with corruption, and the new. But from the fact that the cannibal will eat the emperor’s food, but also seeking good, but will not avoid cannibals.

In the examination of trends in the world, and from the very beginning, it is better to savegames Version; “To educate the old version of” open dialogue rather than later.

I much better methods Devorked has modifications config menu selection interface.

Tela unbutchered afford to eat (although not really like).

It is easier and more will grow exponentially infestations.

These invasions do not appear, now deeper.

HB is now escaped from a bomb in his faction.

Turtles and to have no more poison.

Animals do not have more to do with her.

Incest, not just human beings.

Seeds of the world, from the general to say that now generates, we can not letter heart.

Now you are able to minimum and maximum amount to be set out in art booklet.

The shape of the sign, however, has four steps: amazingly ugly; You’re not pretty enough.

Backstories force some calculations now given a Judge (model-Slava)

Trade routes can be packed coaches.

Projectiles fired hunting farmers do not accept random targets.

Dealers of the instruments for the purchase and sale now.

Muscle stomach parasites and worms quickly disappears.

Plen reworked old tomb generation. Layering it on the last ship in humans. And there are parts.

Nuzzling the object are written social interaction.

Miscellaneous and more flexible and easier to perform at Refactoring easier modding. Now there are many more functions that can be accumulated ThingComps.

Many, many other changes in the balance of the game interface and subtlety and Bugfikes.