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Anthropoid 2016

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Anthropoid 2016

Operation incredible true story of anthropoids, the codename for cooperation Mission Czechoslovakia SS officer Reinhard Heydrich to kill. Heydrich, the chief architect behind the final decision, Third Reich who ruled behind Hitler and Himmler and Nazi leaders in Czechoslovakia. The film follows two soldiers of the Czechoslovak Army in exile, Joseph Gabck and Jan Kubis, who occupied in December 1941 with limited intelligence and small appliances in the city, jumped to their homes is locked, if you find a way to kill Heydrich, operating the will forever change the face of Europe.

In December 1941, the Czech military Josef Gabck (Cillian Murphy) and Jan Kubis (Jamie Dornan) parachute in the occupied country Nazi officer Reinhard Heydrich (Detlef Bothe) murder.