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Five Nights at Freddys 4

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Five Nights at Freddys 4

Five nights of Freddy 4 last and most difficult part of the story of this terrorist fulfilled.
This time of terrible Freddie Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie Fox and other doors. You play as having only one light to fight the monsters that lurk in the dark. Can you survive until the morning?

do not be afraid nokjZa know, five nights Freddy is a series of jumps full point-and-click horror game. We have to survive alone on a dark night. Alone, that is, except the crew of the terrorist killers out to get this kind of game anyone can pick up and play, making it a very easy way to scare maloumen.Pet Freddie night 4 games in the same way as before the game but change. No more monitoring cameras, no pizza, no gates and security management. So what is left? Playing like a child who was not named it tries to survive in their bedroom, you should be sure not to come to you with tracking cupboard with two doors monsters, and krevetot.Zvuk probably one of the most important five days 4. Freddie We must listen carefully for breathing and movement, close the door and use your flashlight with caution. Unlike previous games where security cameras will be slightly distanced from the violence in darkness, in this chapter they are so close you can almost feel the breath. It makes worst FNaF away.

Scarier than kogaPrikaznata established in 1987, and boy you play as you try to survive five eve of his birthday, which of course will be celebrated pizza Fazbear Freddy! So, to survive the first two nights in a room is easy, because the game allows you to learn how to manage the monster in the dark as igra.Nokje three, five nights Freddy 4 tense, horrible experience and much greater weight. If you like horror, five nights 4 Freddie fulfilling promises of jump scares and tension delicious nails kasnuva.Edna criticism of the whole batch is reuse the same jump-scares. In the fourth chapter, developer Scott Cawthon raised several issues of supply so every monster in the game will surprise you with its own unique way scary. Although worse than ever, it’s a shame that all five days were spent only in your bedroom. A little more variety would have been welcome – No sooner your bedroom

Is this really the end? It was described as “the final chapter in the story of the original five nights Freddy,” which is a subtle way of saying this is not the end of the series as a whole. But perhaps the developers will be looking for new stories to tell in the future, although I’d be surprised if the next game is a point and click horror of some kind. So do not worry if you want to be a fever five nights Freddie 4. In conclusion, five nights Freddy 4 is the worst series so far, as most polished, thanks to improved animations throughout. Games clears up some of the secrets of the previous installment, but also create new ones. Is this another indication that we have not really seen the end of Freddie and co?