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Interchange 2016 Spanish full movie download torrent

Interchange 2016

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Interchange 2016

Change “change” after a man named Adam photographs University, who dragged his good friend, to find a man investigating the murders terrible ritual misti.Adam soon befriends VAT, a woman is on a mission to save the soul of the people in his tribe were detidosno inside the glass plate negative. Tribe`s Spirit, played by Nicholas takes human form to dopomohtyIva.
Anthropoid 2016 Spanish

malay language


General Release Date: 01 December 2016

Genre: Thriller


ID: GSC movie

Stars: Sam Shaheizy, Nicholas Saputra, Iedil Putra, Prisa Nasution, Nadiya Nissa, Alvin Wong, Chew Kin Wah

Director: Dane said

Format: 2D