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Max Steel 2016

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Max Steel 2016

16 Max McGrath recently moved to a new city – and desperately trying to fit in – when he found the body can produce the most powerful energy in the universe. Unbeknownst to Max, foreign techno-organic called Lower bit rebellious and ridiculous looked hungry super-humanoenerxía. When finally found, found that, together, form a Max Steel, the superhero who has a strong force exceeds anything in our world. And prijatelitenaskoro can menemukansendiri persecutedby evil forces that want to control Max’s power and imparáveisinimigo another galaxy.

Adventure teenager Max McGrath alien and his companion, the steel to be used and combine their new powers and unlikely to evolve turbo superhero Max Steel. When Max McGrath teenagers found the body can produce the most poderosoenerxía the universe, must be mixed with only one capable of containing – steel organskimisteriozni name techno-alien. Serikatsebagai superhero Max Steel, thetwo friends to fight against the alien threat and unlock the secrets of his past.
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Teenagers Max McGrath (Ben Winchell) shown that the body can produce the most powerful energy in the universe. Baja (Josh Brener) is fun, a bit of a rebel, foreign techno-organic looking to use skills to the maximum. When the two meet, they combine to be Max Steel, a superhero whose podersesiguren Earth. They soon learn to rely on each other when Max Steel should persegioff unstoppable againstyour enemies from another galaxy.