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The Accountant 2016

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The Accountant 2016

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is the subject of mathematics, which is entitled to greater numbers than men. Using the Regional Office of the CPA as a cover, earns a living as a freelance for the organization of dangerous przestępców.Od mid-treasure (Simmons) Hot on his heels, Christian spent robot company to a state of the art customer rights.
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As Wolff comes to the truth about the differences, which involves millions of dollars, to the whole body begin to grow.

Mathematics israw księgachnowy customer, the Department of the Treasury of its activities, and the number of victims began to grow. Christian Wolff is the certification of mathematics scholar in larger quantities than mężczyzn.Za cover CPA small town, working as a freelance attention to some criminal organizations dangerous world. Crime force the Treasury Department conducted przezRay people begin to close, the Christian becomes justified robot services company with state rachunkowośćUrzędnikart where he discovered differences involving millions of dollars. But uncooks książkiChristian, in fact, the number of victims, which will begin to grow.