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Fake GPS Controller Pro v2 Buttonz torrent

Fake GPS Controller Pro v2

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Fake GPS Controller Pro v2

Fake GPS Pro Controller

Requirements: Android and even

This application is designed to assist in the development and testing of GPS related applications, but can also be useful in different situations. For example, if your GPS readings inaccurate this application can help avoid this. Orit can be used to conserve batteries without fully turning off location settings.


– Lies, bullying or falsify their GPS-coordinates of any yakoyimistse.

– Simple, intuitive interface with integrated map and research.

-luchshyyalgorithmthe existence of substitution.

Many additional features such as:

– Parameters configurable GPS.

– Support for embedded devices location mock disabled.

– Pedestrian mode simulates

Common use:

1. Click on the map are in the desired position and click”Play”, to start a forgery.

For best results, set the device mode only Roztashuvannyai turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scan.

What’s New:

– Added additional status overlay GPS.

– Redesigned settings screen and reformuladomofando in 3 different modes:Basic, Advanced and Advanced.