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The Bye Bye Man 2016 gauthami avi Free Torrent

The Bye Bye Man 2016

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The Bye Bye Man 2016

Three friends having origins in horror Bie Bie Man, a mysterious figure has found the main cause of unspeakable evil behind the work of man. When three students returned to campus, they accidentally release the supernatural entity known as Bie Bie Man, which came shortly after found lurking in its name. Your friends must try to save each other, Bie Bie During hold human existence a secret to save others from a deadly fateThe same.

ManThree Biestudenti movement on college campuses to the old house in Wisconsin. They deliberately let orangBie Bie, supernatural entity that lurks know her name. Three must help each other after a man Bie brothers students someones mind and they have to maintain their existence a secret.
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Bahasa Inggeris

Classification: NA

General: 12 March 2017

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Time: No

ID: GSC movie



Format: 2D