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AnonymoX 2 4

AnonimoKs for Firefox add-on that gives you quick, anonymous browsing, clicking dugme.Ako concerned about online privacy, anonimoKs is a good option. If this feature is enabled, you can select a random the IP, delete cookies and the IP to see your public, in order to make life a littleonlinelamang sigurnije.Problem with multiple and complex hiders proxy for IP configuration and can seriously slow poshuk.Geta not the case in anonimoKs. It installs as easily as a regular add-on for the Firefox and allows automatic random “identity”. By clicking on the iconanonimoKs next address field,and then you will be able to choose a specific person from the list, including the US, European and Asian IP adresa.anonimoKs goes a step further, and made useful to delete cookies when you exit from the site, albozmena identity, preventing sitemo recognition. The app allows you to switchbetween its own services and the Tor, but you can include information anonimoKs in the lower part of the superstructure on the panel, indicating the identity of the person that you are currently connected to, and that the IP is visible to the public. Clicking on this information will allow you to promenite.anonimoKsay great little service,even kalivelmi flexible. These configuration options are fairly limited to what you see in the interface, but it is, of course, the service is very easy to use. Using the most anonimoKs identity, we found it fairly quickly, but, as always, in ilangInstitusyon slower thanothers, especially if izboraSjedinjene state.
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If’re American looking for a casual and rare when using IP masking of Firefox, Slobodan anonimoKs option. mozhatsezavs—Ďdy you upgrade to premium services, but if you are looking for something more detailed and / or adjustableanonymous, we suggest you look elsewheredrugde.Za free, anonymous, casual, anonimoKs large, easy-to-use tool Safari.