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Hear 1 1

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Hear 1 1

You can easily disappointed with the sound quality in any media, and often the sound system is also limited for you to change anything.

Hear is a very complete program that allows all the various elements come into your audio controls or movies muzyki.Prilozheniein a sleek dark interface, and you can go through each element to navigate through tabs.

Hear includes the expected mixer and equalizer but you’ll also find less common, but very important elements, such as Stop, maximizer, ambiance, 3D and FX.

You can also adjust the resonanceand the intensity of your speakers. Most of the sliders, so it’s just a case of not checking the controls work until you schastlivyy.Uslysh also get listed with impressive seleksiepresets, in categories such as games, movies and TV and speech.

programfairly easy to use, but users can lay all the elements to make.

In general, though, it’s just a case of testing until you are satisfied with the quality zvuka.SlyshatHierdievydatna prilozheniekotoraya should significantly improve the quality of sound in any media.