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Hide ALL IP 2016 Windows XP/7/8 download torrent

Hide ALL IP 2016

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Hide ALL IP 2016

Worlds of Software Hide IP Hide IP best for their IP applications, and you must all hide in a single click to help prevent game snoopers hacking, anonymous surfing, identity theft and protection against hacker invasions.

Your IP address can link your internet activities directly, it can be easy to pour to the IP address, hide all IP protects your identity online, change your IP address of our private servers and IP areas, its InternetTodo trafficIs encrypted via server orduanurruneko our internet server just get a fake IP address, it is not very secure. Unlike its ISP, dazzle all IPs no history and has nowhere to go!

Features The most important advantages:

– Change the location of our servers around the world, you can easily connect to different servers in the country. Every time you press the button, you will be in this country as a fake IP. If you want the countryPress the button again.

– Encrypt encrypt all data transfers all incoming and outgoing (bestakDatu UDP) industry standard 128 bit RC4 encryption with RSA 1024 and in its own security. Your internet provider or any other third party to monitor their communications still does not know what to transmit the data and from what they should be.

– Search Remote DNS to use the secure DNS technology and remote monitoringNo false DNS can prevent DNS all resoltosAgora it safely!

– Internet access (Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.
AutoCAD 360 2 Windows XP/7/8 Download Torrent ), internet TV, as the BBC and Hulu vendors refuse to recognize users through your location. ALL EzkutatuIP all the tools you need, you can connect an IP TV provider in the country, then direct the browser to the right place. How to watch a video tutorial to see how US Hulu or BBC iPlayer outside of the UK from the video tutorial

– SupportFor almost all applications and games will not only axudarnavegador, dazzle all IP, instant messaging, player video games and more support!

– Support for special applications UDP does not want to hide IP software supported only TCP, hide all IP also supports UDP Basedaplikazioak and games, now play DNF, League of Legends, Battlefield 3, StarCraft II, World of Tank-Hide IP is possible ! In addition, applications video player, UDP support!

– A special oneTechnology support HTTP tunnel depends on our self http tunnel (all Dontconfiguración required), you can bypass any firewall and proxy. Although this HTTP proxy can only use HTTP GET or pure HTML post (as a schoolnet), all hiding IP still works , You can also play games and a limited network. What is HTTP Tunnel ?.

-Special will also provide a portable version IP portable version hide, without the need to install floppy, USB, neededCan be executed by a removable and not precisandereitos administrator. Some may use the boundary in a network environment.

– TechnologySafe Browsing using our SafeBrowsing technology, must now light cookies or history, if not the same for you to leave, all of them will be correct to remember a cookie or history of its records at all when the browser disappeared from the car be.

Win8 Metro IP applicationsNot just the self-help desktop applications hide EPM IP applications IP taménWin8 Metro and IE hide (Enhanced Protected Mode) modes.

– Reduce yourPing browser game specifically optimized for the game, the game delay and use Hide IP will be significantly improved. How to reduce Lag as P2P UDP TCP game (League of Legends) to reduce lag

– Auto Special Support Find the best server of a game or a game server host can enter IP, HideIP ALLMitxel all IP servers allow you to automatically ping in the game server, and calculate which servers to connect to this server faster server.

What again:

– Media: official website does not provide information about the changes in this release.


1. Remove and install

2. Do not start with IP HideAll

3. Copy the installation directory and run the charger 34

4. Use the charger when the time to get the messageExpires

5. Done.