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Internet child education is a challenge, mainly because of adult content, which is basically, in your rehn search. The best way to do this is to install a special software that can block access to certain websites such as .nti content distributes online and offline, it is not good, while parents provide a lot of control over their Rens activities. In addition to prohibiting access to graphics, it prevents the application orA game chat, the parenthood keputusanjumlah children can make you spend on the computer.

Here are some key features of “corruption”:

Block Websites:

Antiblock Thousands of websites and robbers ask such a thing that no children allowed to see, for example, websites and attack at the same time, you can control the accuracy of filtering.

LimitInternet Chat:

Corruption can limit many popular chat software and web chat chambers.

OgranichavanedostapInternet by day and time:

You can set Internet time access tertentujam, although some features corruption will calibrate a PC time as Greenwich time. http://pascoemanagement.ca/2016/08/15/flashget-3-7-6432-bit-download/

Keep complete record of the history of the computer:

Anti maintain a detailed log of all websites visited, blocked or not.

The balance of traffic data for an overview of Internet usage:

You can find your ren computer list and all photos, movies, music files and web pages.


Anti has several websites that represent children. You can add others for each person.

What’s new

– Antiblocking HTTPS URL can now.