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Unturned 3.17

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Unturned 3.17

Offers Day-Z hopelessness busy retro visual style of Minecraft, neperevernutyy zombie survival game for those who want a bit of levity in his remarks.

Strangers in the area

While its blocky style can make your first thoughts wander all popular game crafting, neperevernutyyreally have much more to the Sun-Z. You push vnezavidnoe position as the lone survivors of a zombie infection. With nothing to your name barisang Natty hair style, you have to scour the world in search of supplies, transportation and weapons.

Whileas MultiplayerServers do sometimes allow other people to face as you play throughout the game cards, more often than not the only creatures that you encounter is nezhityu.Takim way, you must use stealth and cunning to survive as long as well stocked forthe struggle forward.

Sabbath its units

Neperevernutyy controls using standard FPS. Keysgabayan movement WASD, while rescue run, duck, crawl and move all conveniently connected around them. Podibniznayomym shooter elements, controlled by myshiOrientatsiya feelmyself incredibly natural, despite the abstract world.

You do not have anything in your inventory as you start, it’s up to you to explore the world to fill your backpack to make the fight. That is probably one krychuschaproblema game. Once noticed on zombies (even those who can onlycrawl), it gives almost insurmountable persecution always seems konetspryamo behind you – even if you are in the car.

This leaves you sprint through the world trying to find items to help vamborotysya unfortunately guidance elements to take a little hit and(Many) Miss. The result is provoking a situation in which you find yourself doing well only to be cut down your otsutstviemumenie pick up weapons or ammunition that may trymatyvas alive. KMSAuto Net 2015


Despite the simplistic look of Minecraft, provide neperevernutyymore scalable options to provide users with different power machines to enjoy its open world action. They can measure the distance to paint dodatybilshe water effects, shadows, lighting, ifokus, all of which combine to provide striking good looksBlocky world. Although it should be noted that visual settings that you set, at night you see close to zero.

Knock on their blokemula

Neperevernutyy yevilnym enjoyable experience that balances recklessness of his world view and stilem.V fun while it may suffersome minor interface problems, there is no reason not to try and survive this zombie Block replaced.