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AS SSD Benchmark 1 download free torrent

AS SSD Benchmark 1

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AS SSD Benchmark 1

free utility program, AS SSD benchmark performance of solid state computer or smart device unit. Tool, in less than six separate trials synthetic and three copies of the exam. This worked how well, or not, their records in good working order and the corrective actions that may be required for a work permit as a result.

AS SSD benchmark overview

Synthetic lunaktes device to determine sequential read /idatziedozein to detect the performance of solid state drives. Now the sistemaoperacións cache by choosing this test, the true picture, it is possible to be without light. For example, the software ‘Next Test’ is the size of 1GB which measures how long it takes to write and then read it again. Again, ‘4K Test’, read and write performance is measured when chosen randomly selected four kilobyteblok memory. Another way to examine the data read and write operations dirabaina4KBs currently divided into 64 cables. This test is Native Command Queuing (NCQ) to search for solid state drive, other things such as the difference between the IDE mode – where NCQ is not allowed – and running in AHCI mode.

AS interface reference SSD

technical part of the program, is penggunaanprofesional hardware, essentially creating AS SSD benchmark score. I leave you to turn this process into something that evidence can be understood that it is easier to compare one with another car. toend of a series of tests, three measured values ​​and lecturaunidade solid state performance recording is removed. With ease, the test results in a graphical format compression that makes it easier to bring them to the exit. For example, the X axis represents the graph of compressibility of the data, some dibacauntuk easily. evaluation copy, ie copying Inerreferente access to the Tools menu, the test results from the folder. This test remains in the cache of the computer,so that they can get the correct reading. device performance test drive running several read operation and simultaneous recording appears naun number of conditions. Another good test is the compression, solid state drive as a function of the compressibility of the data is determined by the performance. kekuranganSebuah remarkable is that the User Interface is available bakarrikGerman that can postpone some users. That said, it’s simple enough to work as alinguist multiple screens are set and allows to find out what happened, without understanding the various functions.


The technical availability únicarealmente insinyurmereka useful to try to diagnose computer problems. For example, if you are working in conditions of good DAPA slow or there are other components of a computer or guardians this problem.