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FIFA 11.2

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FIFA 11.2

FIFA 11 is the latest installment of the popular series of football games EA. It contains a number of significant improvements in FIFA 10 ridiculously realistic simulation of real and worthy competitor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011th makeup

Once blown away the previous version FIFAmy found that it’s hard to imagine how EA can improveits smooth soccer SIM-card. But after several igriova demos, it is clear that the changes are only cosmetic.

exquisite game

Expanding the game FIFA 11 will feel much more like real football. new personality + system means that players move and act like they do in reallife. This means, for example, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney will charge you for the ball when it is voPoseduvanje; While the shot Dimitar Berbatov partner more satisfied to wait schoschos happened!

Other changes Zumai means 11 to make the most beautifulVersion FIFA. For example, crosses, now normal to see more than one player with the ball. You will notice that players are a bit faster than in FIFA 10.

Another important change is the possibility voFIFA 11 kontrolyuvatyvorotar that feels very natural game and adds an extra element.

Handballwill be presented for the first time in the 11th FIFA defender Istin If you set a line on the ground for him to turn his hand to block. Palm slightly higher rate than real zhyttiale you can disable or set of settlements in criminal cases.

FIFA 11 also featuresa sophisticated system that offers greater control over the distribution of orbs. With Pro transfer function can be measured in the transition from these rates. In addition, the repertoire omissions were made, and now can be performed stood passport used mouse movingand large objects ball home.

odPromeni one that we do not like the new system of penalties, which is based on the tire supply. Stopping the cursor in the right place is very difficult, because it pryymayev while the press. This makes FIFA 11 breaks.

Schedule changes

At first glance it looks FIFA11S graphs do not like him in the latest housing starts ist.Sobald povtoruvanjaSepak and closely monitor players understand that the similarity is more realistic. E.A.zmodelovani player is confronted with photographs, and facial expressions are now more diverse and vary depending on the player.

Another goodaddition to FIFA 11 is the ability to download your own sound for use in the game. You can record your own songs, add audio files from ostannohoKomanda identifying songs and music team ends.

SpielmodiFIFA11 still lined with a variety of game modes,including officially licensed leagues, exhibitions, training to be a professional. Significant changes in this period is a repetition of the way manager that integrates with and be Proteper known as the career mode. Currently she is on, you start the game, before playing coach and finally fullManager more.

John interesting features, combined with super smart game of FIFA Soccer 11 typical SIM-card.