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Extraordinary Mission 2017 dvdrip.avi movie torrent

Extraordinary Mission 2017

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Extraordinary Mission 2017

MissionAfter words his mother died, police officers were difficult, and at the same time, is under investigation for corruption. On his way to the funeral of his mother,He accidentally hit someone with your car. Max Steel 2016
In a panic, he decided to make a run for it. A few days later, he discovers that criminals are chasing the same man who hit. To make matters worse,Other events policíatestemuña Hit and run and provide an anonymous tip.

Language: English


GeneralRelease Date: April 6, 2017

Genre: Action / Crime

Time now: not available

ID: TGV Pictures

Cast:Huang Xuan, Duan Yihong, Lang Yue Ting, Zu Feng

Director: Alan Mak, Anthony Pun

Format: 2D