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Pencil 0.4 torrent

Pencil 0.4

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Pencil 0.4

Pencil is a vector drawing program that lets Windows is your digital comic.

It is based on the traditional pen-drawn animation techniques, and it’s free. in the middle of the application, the time-frame to allow a layer dodatečetiri type: bitmap image, vector image, sound and camera. Animation is essentially a single layer of the landmark and the organization of different layers, one over the other works.

Crtivashite bitmap formatupomoću pen tool to start with characters vector layerspen and ink before adding a tool and fill tool. penOso principle is simple, and the interface Flash or a similar one, is much clearer than the high-end animation tools. What do we want to subject all Alatie pencil that is about to start and see nothing hidden, plus disconnect or remove the pallets can be easier on yourself.

arazoapen is that it is very difficult to create quality drawings, unless you have a graphics tablet – najvišemiševi just for specific drawings. Moreover,They do not take part in the pre-defined shapes, objects or patterns, which help you get started.

So good bitarteanmodu pen osnovniprincipi cartoon animation can be learned, it is hard to have a lot of patience if you want to create something truly spectacular.