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Documents Please unusual game where you play as immigration. Job you want to ensure that border all the documents in order, and follow a set of legal immigration are changing constantly.

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In the document,Please play your citizens Republic of the USSR, Model, was ordered to work as immigration inspection. You do not earn much, and financially punished for mistakes. Because each through immigrationkantrolVy need to make sure everything is correct. It is more and more complex as the game progresses, so it’s easy to miss something that gives you fine.

You have to make sure you can feed your family and keep them healthy,So errors can have bad effect on them.zhytstso.Davoli low.

Retro uniform low

Papers, please, designed interface and controls that you can easily pick up during the game. Figure he atrymlivaePixelated, 8-bit gray look to it that fits Games80th Soviet feel. But this document does not please the image or voice is the main attraction. This is a game that makes you think and makes you see what kind of person you are when you have to choose between immigrants who should take care of your family.

You are a bad person?

dakumentyKaliPlease, it’s fun, in the traditional sense of the word. But it is interesting design and very well written. As proof that video games are all quiet, and can not do art,That’s good.

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