• Do you have a complicated human resources or change initiative that needs an experienced senior project manager?
  • Do your human resources, governance, management and other policies need to be refreshed?
  • Should your strategic and/or operational plans be updated?
  • Does your organization require a governance and/or operational review?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above, we can provide you with expertise and resources to increase your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

“A quiet, confident and unassuming management consultant—he solved some very complex governance problems for us.”

  • Do you require a subject matter expert to assist in the evaluation of your organization, human resources and related policies, executive/senior management team and/or staff?
  • Do your Board of Directors, committees and/or Executive Director require guidance and mentoring?
  • Do you have other projects identified as higher “must do” priority but have insufficient staff resources?

“A very capable and knowledgeable management consultant who is well read and applies innovative solutions.”